Thursday, May 29, 2014

Revenue tools that kill, when used as directed.

The largest risk on any Ontario Highway is government mismanagement.

Here is an extension of the back to front process of protections against risks, while ignoring the greater dangers to real people who don't live in spreadsheet tables. A political weapon to eliminate rights, while profiting from non compliance. Shamelessly described as "revenue tools", emerging as large scale theft and extortion, with science now on your side.

People who have been watching, will see the more than obvious scientific frauds described in the analysis section of this report, while the entire report deliberately ignores the largest flaws in the report Data. That the smallest vehicles with the least risk imposed, representing more than half of the total fleet, are afforded the highest levels of punishment and lowest threshold of "acceptable behaviors", [page 23] Like looking at cigarettes as though it was one consistent product, ignoring the more obvious truth.

While the underlying evidence confirms risk is proportionally increased in the largest conformity, with miles traveled, [environment effects beyond laying blame] With conclusions draw in the inverse, of what should remain obvious and irrefutable, with logic and common sense applied. Instead declaring only more aggressive levels of enforcement, will lower the risks on the road. {page 44}

What the report indicates, is that the "distance traveled" in a stated time-frame, as a risk or as the theory flowing from a conclusion, does not mention or recognize; is that the distance traveled increases the risks of becoming involved in an accident, because the environment is consistent and any effects you might have by changing driving habits or the condition of a vehicle, will not change the far more expansive factors, that comprise that total environment. Further one could recognize that "chance" as it relates to Russian roulette, as the report indicates, is not really valid here, because the next bullet in the chamber becomes more predictable, the more times you pull the trigger. Whereas the chances of being in an accident, which might never occur, is equal to the chance that it may happen in 20 minutes and 10 minutes later and never again for ten years. As an individual's experience and the same pattern would never be replicated by any other person in the same grouping, so predictability is a political opinion rather than a state and static, event that anyone could ever predict,by statistical proofs. The environment remains, regardless of the way you treat drivers, who are essentially powerless to make any prolonged difference that will have any significant or lasting effect in a chance driven environment. Although weight class has been ignored and numeric divisions within a grouping, separated by miles traveled, do have more legitimate values revealed, in respect to the prediction of any accident likelihood. What is ignored serves the agenda and intent of the party purchasing the report, and that reality will reign, lest the author risk the loss of future employment.

As a real and observational danger, which is always far more than just a risk

Resisting where the evidence takes us? To serve what end?

Eliminating the vehicles that travel shorter distances in the lowest weight class [service and utility vehicles] would largely enhance; the quality of data and more clearly focus that data, on the higher risk trucks and operators in relation to highway safety. Eliminating real and legitimately "preventable" deaths and injuries significantly. CVOR permits are now renewable biannually. With a cost of 250.00 to obtain, in addition to a 350.00 training course, which is also a mandatory requirement, even while applied to vans and pickup trucks, just like the big rigs with log books and all the trappings. Affording a large cash grab for "protectionist" or paternalist wide brush policy making, following the plan, laid out in tobacco control "movements".

As it stands it remains an excellent example of legislation that kills. When used exactly as directed.

All about the money once again.

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The Legislation that kills innocent people on our roads.

Commercial motor vehicles???

Definitions, ss. 16-23.1

16.  (1)  In this section and in sections 17 to 23.1,

“commercial motor vehicle” does not include,

(a) a commercial motor vehicle, other than a bus, having a gross weight or registered gross weight of not more than 4,500 kilograms, an ambulance, a fire apparatus, a hearse, a casket wagon, a mobile crane, a motor home or a vehicle commonly known as a tow truck,

Auditor's Report 1997
20% of commercial trucks are tractor Trailers.

Deloitte Report 2013;

Mileage is the most significant indicator of risk. Those imposing the lowest risk see the highest levels of scrutiny If the formula 40-40-20 includes three times the norms, as the baseline of an enforcement threashold, only 1% of accidents and collisions involve the highest number of trucks by category. While the same grouping supplies the highest liability risk to owners and the most regressive and punishing  levels of enforcement, seen throughout the industry.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Know your rights, or loose them

Tobacco Control is, in it's entirety, a forced medical treatment.

   As such a human rights abuse hosted by a United Nations Agency.

The cartel named "Tobacco Control", employs all of the dark abuses of social engineering, as it's primary plank. Making torture part and parcel of what they have been engaged in for more than a decade. It is an organization formulated in a jail in the 1920s by another anti smoker advocate, one of the most vicious pieces of human trash to ever have walked this planet.

They should all be aware time is on our side and eventually they will gain a reputation earned in the phrase "you are known by the company you keep".

The indictments of the tobacco industry, will be far less interesting to the viewing public and the twitter-sphere. Than dragging so call professionals into courts and watching them suffer, through all of the humiliations they so richly deserve. having done everything the Tobacco industry did and far more, because their advertising and promotions were negative ads, aimed to do harm to other people, with malicious intent. Without that harm their campaigns would have no value, and no chance of success, so it is not a harm by many tortures they can make any valid excuses for, to aid in their defense.

We have a right to be protected against harms imposed by others not risks or phobias which would not qualify, but harms. These harms have victims with names, while none of the statistical numbers, of imaginary harms by risks or risk management, can make that same claim.

Doctors have one obligation; to do no harm. They have failed as individuals and as an industry, or more correctly a criminal cartel.

No one believes the lies of second hand smoke. If you walk into a conference of Tobacco Control activists and light up a cigarette, you make a lot of people mad, but no one would be running for the door fearing for their lives. They know as we know, such a move would only stand to make them look foolish and for good reason. A reason they refuse to face up to, on their own. We heard for years of this brave soul Tornado Repace who voluntarily took measurements of smoke in the air any place he could find it, including any place he believed he had found it. Yet the promotions he made and the testaments he made; that there was "no safe level of tobacco smoke" conflicted absolutely with his own activities with no breathing apparatus employed in all of his years in the field.

Tobacco Control "the movement" are plying for an imaginary right, to be "protected against tobacco smoke". Imaginary because no such right exists. It is entitlement, by taking an emotional assessment "risk" and pretending it is a "danger".

Governments can interfere, if someone is doing harm to another. They can not "protect" someone from the fears that exist only in their minds. We have psychological councilors at the wait, to secure that objective. Politicians sign on to the danger, as their entitlement to interfere. If no danger has been demonstrated, only fear supports their otherwise illegal activities, when they impose these laws and encroach on otherwise still valid rights and freedoms.

All they claim that is necessary; is to pretend a danger exists and it entitles government activity that would not survive in the courts, had they not resorted to pretending to fear the smoke, in spite of it's relatively benign nature in the real world.

If you look at the research, only smokers are not harmed by tobacco smoke. The research has been consistent If it could be demonstrated that smokers were harmed by the smoke, said to be harming others, there would be some basis for these laws. Since nothing can be demonstrated it would appear that smoking is the only real protection against second hand tobacco smoke risks. If it sounds insane that is because it is drawn from the same logic pool, where you would find tobacco smoke as a health risk. No real danger just a lot of bad acting and far too many willing to sign on to corruption in their own field of expertise. Diluting the importance of their own scholastic achievements, training as Scientists or Doctors and immediately declaring themselves nothing more than prostitutes and double speak clowns. Having learned nothing of importance.

The jump from association to causation was a deliberate lie, upheld universally throughout the sciences, because if they did not make that jump, moving risk to danger, they would have nothing to present in their promotions, that is more than a scary story to frighten the children. Scary stories will not survive legal challenges and we have already seen that in the courts where any judge weighed the evidence, in place of imposing the common good of mote and beam. They need to prove that smoking killed anyone, just as they will need to prove the same could be shown with tobacco smoke, that is where their logic and legitimacy ends.

Full disclosure is central to law making and binding contracts. If emotional promotions, by incomplete or inaccurate information pools, was the basis for those laws, those laws should not stand and the perpetrators of lies of omission, should be made to account for their crimes and incompetence.

>>>You do not<<< have a right to be "protected" against tobacco smoke, any more than you have a right to be protected against the goblins under your bed. Anyone who tells you that anyone is being harmed by tobacco smoke exposures, is guilty of telling you lies.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Unacceptable risks of "The Public Health Movement"

It would not take a large feat of mathematical calculations, to prove that the United Nations, and the World Health Organization primarily, over the past fifty years alone, has produced higher sum and total levels of morbidity and mortality, than 5000 years of all the other organized religions combined.

Public Health has moved where they always move, at the beginning of the end, of the same old same old, self imposed, mutual admiration society, of condescending prohibitionist elites. Fashioning the same uprising we have seen time and time again, over hundreds of years.

Holding the scepter of moral supremacy, is like holding a live grenade, for someone in the medical profession.

Like the champions of reefer madness, and the fascists before them, their fate is already sealed.

Risk is an emotional evaluation and the terrorists of the AMA are armed almost exclusively, with ammunition provided by junk science protagonists and the prostitutes of "Passivrauchen".

Always about the money.

Like Electronic Cigarettes, "second hand smoke" exists as a health risk, or weapon of choice, only because the medical community decided, and quite deliberately, to eliminate the possibility that either could be harmless. "No safe level of tobacco smoke" joins with "what could happen if vaping became a trend". Speculation and emotional measures [AKA "Risk Assessments"], to undermine both common sense and free autonomous choices, without "medical community morality" based opposition. Choices made by the only people with a legal right to make them, is the only actual risk of any significant value here at all. "The Public Health Movement" [CULT] promotes something completely different and they do so, using your own money and government resources, as if they were their own.

People making their own choices, in the management of their own bodies, is the only issue being addressed here, above and to the diminishment of all others.

Even after hanging a number of them, for precisely this same activity, at the end of both; the war and the bigoted lies of eugenics, they are back to haunt us once again. Demanding control  and obedience, in a world fashioned to their liking, at the expense of a legal right to our own.

"Health risk assessments" are emotional measures, more profoundly stated in "what you can be made to believe", than any attachments to science or logical followings. Risk is therefore only a bandwagon or popular belief mechanism, which we know and see in propaganda. Always a component of self sanctimony and underlying opportunistic agenda. A perspective which is self aggrandizing, increasing with each iteration of its deceptions and half truth lies.

"Science is not always a neutral, disinterested search for knowledge, although it may often seem that way to the outsider. Sometimes the story can be very different."

"The Royal College of Physicians of London promoted smoking for its benefits to health and advised which brands were best. Smoking was compulsory in schools. An Eton schoolboy later recalled that "he was never whipped so much in his life as he was one morning for not smoking". As recently as 1942 Price’s textbook of medicine recommended smoking to relieve asthma."

Health risks are said to be what we should avoid in order to maintain our health. In a more reasonable sense, that is truth by half truth. Whitehall determined that stress is the largest risk to human health. Promotions of the Public Health Movement, are almost exclusively targeting other risks and in so doing have imposed tremendous and absolutely unnecessary stress on entire populations. The measure of that damage and the mortality that flowed from it, should be seen to be profound. Public Health and it's recently increased capacity to impose stress on populations world wide, is in fact the largest and the most preventable health risk in world history. We should have hanged more of them. Or perhaps the hangings should be started anew. Because the message seems to have been lost in their promotions and ever endemic sense of sociopathological pride, in what they have already done.

When the Apartheid Government didn't want to look at the Black Ghettos in South Africa back in 1955, they used Public Health as the excuse for their laws, when they demolished the ghettos and drove Mandela along with the poorest and most defenseless among them, away from their beautified cities. When Hitler decided that Jews smelled bad and he passed laws designating eating establishments; non Jews only. Again they pointed at Public Health and "the protections of children" as their excuse. When they killed the hospital patients classified as "useless eaters" the Public Health advocates stood proudly at the lead of that Protection of peoples children, Said to be forced to live in poverty, by the tremendous cost of feeding the unproductive. In America whites only drinking fountains along with may Eugenics based bigotry laws, were once again a "Health issue" for the protection of God's children".
How much we spend on Public Health today is abominable. Considering the constant drive of avoiding "preventable diseases" and as the plank of everything they promote, rests in blame the victim campaigns. Protecting self sanctimony, from the threats or risks imposed by others. While those risks are only a formation of ignorance developed in communities divided upon themselves.. Ad agency inspired stereotypes drawn from half truths and outright lies, are not science, nor do they enrich the common good. Agenda and opportunistic hate campaigns are all that is purchased with the 59 Billion dollars invested every year, when invested in ignorance and our own shame.
"A recent report from the Alliance for Health Reform, an advocacy group, notes that nationally the U.S. spends more than 16 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or about $2 trillion on treating preventable illness and injury. We spend only 3 percent, or $59 billion, on government public health services, long understood to be our first line of defense against disease and disaster."

"Center for Disease Control"
"And Prevention" is something they added on, in-house.
As a reflection of the political emergence of a different agency entirely, built from the self sanctimony and financial conflicts of interest within.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Letter To Health Canada

Today it is a familiar process. Hire a lobby to define a fear no matter how unlikely, and demand government "protection". The government that hired them gives in and sets up control. As quick as a wink your rights disappear as if by magic, with the talking heads in the media telling you what a great thing the government has done. protecting us against our own choices and freedoms.
People keep marveling at the density of their neighbors heads, in wonderment of what is happening around them,. it isn't so difficult to understand, if you see the con for what it is. A process that undermines and eliminates all of the powers, we used to share in the Canadian Constitution.
The constitution is your only power over government. When the government "protects" us, or our children, The government in reality takes control of us.

I wrote this letter two weeks ago.

To date I received no response from the numerous Government officials and agencies who received it including Health Canada.


I am at odds to see a distinction between a conference Board of Canada report and a similar finding announced in 1939 in Germany.. The document in question on the Health Canada website can be found at this link

Summary Table 1 - The Annual Cost of Employing Smokers (1995 $ per employee)
Cost Factor                                                               Cost
Increased absenteeism                                                   $230
Decreased productivity                                                  $2,175
Increased life insurance premiums                                   $75
Smoking area costs                                                         $85

Source: The Conference Board of Canada.

And a sample of the other discussion which seems to have absolute conformity can be found at wiki, among many other places where human rights and autonomy rights are the focus.

"This poster (from around 1938) reads: "60,000 Reichsmark is what this person suffering from a hereditary defect costs the People's community during his lifetime. Fellow citizen, that is your money too. Read '[A] New People', the monthly magazine of the Bureau for Race Politics of the NSDAP."

If Health Canada and all of it's experts depict smoking as an addiction. It can not be argued it is not a medical condition. If it is a medical condition; hatred, isolation, taxes and funding hate groups, is not in compliance with the way other medical conditions are treated in this country, notwithstanding these identical "treatments" beyond informed consent, are well known to have existed in one place in history alone, the place that invented without any form of medical oversight or opinion, the fears and danger of tobacco smoke. Within an identical promotion complete with nearly identical slogans and emotionally manipulative talking points. The very essence of the negative connotation, of the word Propaganda as it is now understood.

If in fact Health Canada under the funded lobby group campaigns known officially as "De-normalization" is not in fact involving itself in dehumanization, one would have to look very hard to see any remote sign of distinction. This article and the need seen to create it, takes away all possibilities of denial. Is it the belief that the "common good" as defined by Health Canada employees for what ever reasons they form those beliefs, should be achieved beyond all moral restraint and measures of ethical values?

This campaign financed with the public purse is repulsive and disgusting to me. It is a promotion clearly defined to achieve the diminished existence of human rights, autonomy rights and security of the person
By a Government acting as a bully, setting an example to entitle other bullies. It is a promotion of hatred and bigotry, so vile that it approaches the hatred that existed in support of another paternalist regime, that cost millions, and many of them Canadian, lives to extinguish. To even recognize a Canadian Government involved in this activity sickens me and demands I stand in contempt of this Government and it's hires and will make every effort to assure that good and moral Canadians understand, what it is you are doing, in hopes that they will see it in numbers and demand criminal prosecutions under hate crimes legislation and human rights abuses. laws clearly describing your current activities.

I hear all the time from Government financed and community divisive Lobby groups, that "a smokers rights end at the tip of a non smoker's nose." This, in recognition of the fact that all of our rights are contained in the same document; disguises the fact, that where ever a smoker's rights end, so do all rights end. If this is the governments intention to dilute or eliminate the Constitution while providing Billions of dollars from the public purse, to achieve those goals, by Political promotions in the one party fake Liberal media; This Government is criminal and this form of government should not stand.

I remember reading in the first convention of tobacco control at Health Canada's website. A discussion of paid lobby groups with the Health Ministry, who are tax exempted as "charities" or "non profit foundations" While funded by the government for their efforts with funding today provided to the Government, primarily by their victims. As a discussion of mean spirited acts that the lobby groups would engage in, one comment stuck in my memory. "This will make smokers mad and force the government to come in as an honest broker to intervene". Clearly this is no longer available on the website as it was then, however the minutes of that meeting are public property and under the access of information act, they should be available to any inquiry. This is evidence of intent and conspired activity, that defines the goal of Government to divide communities in order to promote a need for government intervention.

Paternalist Protections require that Government take control. Which would entail by bigoted means, an elimination of personal rights. McGuintyism as it is known is the more deviant fine print extreme of McCarthyism, encompassed an identical methodology, to undermine personal rights and freedoms in all of the Ontario Government ministries

As a current example, with the new Metro-links ad campaigns, by a group who advertise themselves as a government "advisory board" the Government is currently utilizing the same strategy, of deceptive advertising and scarevertizing, as entitlement of a project, to supposedly eliminate congestion on the roads. With the first advisement without any quotes in hand, any form of plan, or list of projects "the cost at 40 billion dollars" was the first statement made, and the only consistent goal presented. Similar to government funded research studies, within a regime of absolute publication biases in the medical journals, statistical research with a consistent outcome signifies corruption of process, while virtually all Government funded "studies" have a conclusion stated, before, the public purse investments in that research is made.

Encroachments of personal rights and freedoms in the form of smoking bans, in place of more respectful signs on the door, allowing autonomy and choice and the retention of private property management, in the hands of those who own those properties. Is now a keystone of the example set at the federal level, providing an anti-autonomy process, ballooning exponentially across all government ministries.

*The taking of personal property, jail and suspensions of licenses, before a trial as an inconsistent application of speed limit laws.

*Drunk driving convictions with breath samples below the level anyone would be intoxicated,

*The CVOR legislation which demand tasks be provided, without compensation and a fine for doing those tasks in ways that do not meet any sparsely trained examiners expectations.

*Labor laws demanding micro-managed licensing of all the abilities, of any single trade, at a large expense in maintaining those licenses, with a consistent fine, taking of a right to earn a living and possible jail time for non compliance.

*All within a presumption of guilt, a denial of adult competence or mature cognitive ability.

*Propped up by slogans "there is no such thing as an accident", or at the Ministry of transport, declaring the Ministry of Transport as a kingdom, above the constitution or the courts, with the statement that "driving is not a right but a privilege" granted therein.

* Add in, as demonstrated by the PST HST and GST laws, the government's position that work is not recognized as legal property, and even if it is, property, no rights exist to protect one's property against government seizures, So free work [as slavery] can be demanded and by the examples set, would now withstand a constitutional challenge. Leaving Governments of the belief that compensation is not required, in spite of a history of supreme court decisions to the contrary.

All of these examples clearly indicate, the Government sees our rights as an obstacle and undeserved. Governments at all levels are purchasing politics by expansive wedge based ad campaigns, in pursuit of power and control, clear attacks and diminishment of personal rights to the highest possible degree.

*With "earned media" singing along, in exchange for the continuation of those purchases, If it restricts our rights and freedoms Payola depicts that Governments can never be wrong.

All the media representations are heralding the "WE" campaign this week, a fortuitous encroachment of political encroachments on our children's education systems. With promotions right in our classrooms, the one place where children should be taught how to think and not what. With promotion in attendance at a teen idol, musical concert, where you can't buy a ticket you have to "earn it " agreeing to support the industrial socialist and fascist ideals of it's promoters. With the knowledge that if you can subvert a generation of children, you can control the politics of the next. This should be seen as an act being challenged, as unethical and harmful to a child's natural development, not cheered by the talking heads.

Does Health Canada or the larger Public Health "Movement" [or cult] have an image or persona they will soon be placing on my door for salute or daily rituals, whenever I enter that door? Or is the fact that I still have a door, now an offense to your sensibilities and Public Health directives as well?

Health groups are divining the obese and smokers and any number of innocent law abiding citizens as targets, assigned for future "campaigns" at the financially corrupted World Health Organization. In support only of, for profit "stakeholder partners", any search on the internet of the word "Dehumanization" leads us to the undeniable conclusion, that Public Health, The medical Charities and Medicine [who define the majority of people as a disease requiring treatment] in Canada, are standing in a mad man's shoes, while promoting their risk adverse cast designated self sanctimony, as protective benevolent and holy, just as he did.

With expenditures topping 100 Billion Dollars in Canada, by the anti-smoker movement alone, in support of Social engineering, community divisive hate campaigns and the reams of statistical nonsense, produced over the past decade?. For every one Billion dollars you loose the opportunity to invest in 1000, million dollar investigations in real medical research and science, while those researchers who are currently starved for funding, would gladly trade a limb for that level of funding. Dealing with real disease and health risk reductions in the physical world, beyond social engineering, and the bold print dividing us upon ourselves, by elimination of human rights and autonomy, emotional manipulations, playing up ignorance as evidence from a materialist perspective alone, contrasted with allowing people to retain their rights security, dignity and position, as government employers,

No longer governed by Public Servants. It is the People who are now described by "Public health professionals" as a litany of  "disgusting" diseases.

One hundred thousand opportunities lost to date and not one person served.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daddy Dalton and his agencies of "control"

Dalton McGuinty politics, versus Donald Duck in the real world.

It is high time that the media party and similar propaganda agencies, expressed the other side of the argument, in respect to pseudo governmental organizations. These are legislatively empowered, taxation funded, "control boards", which hold the power of imposing behavioral laws, fines and imprisonment. All the while being responsible to no one, outside of their own organizational regime. The workplace insurance board of Ontario [or whatever they call it this week] is just such and agency, has highhandedly outlawed such tools as Bolson's chairs, under threat of fines, seizure and imprisonment, tools which were used to build the pyramids. Banned only because an unskilled and unqualified spectator, looks in awe and finds it unbelievable that anyone could use this tool confidently and live. Today they actually have many of the larger sign companies in Ontario, fearful to even allow their employees to carry a ladder on their trucks, or a bic lighter, or even to smoke, in a vehicle on the highway, of all places. An imposition of a pseudo-reality where micromanaged children of all ages, live with no right to make adult choices. They live within a mandate; which declares "there is no such thing as an accident". Or will any incidence exist, where an accident will go unpunished.

The principle empowerment of these Gulags is the entirely low to non statistically significant health and mortality risks, of working in an Ontario workplace. Being made to appear in the media by tax payer funded ad agency presentations, as though thousands are being slaughtered every hour. One of the safest places to work on the planet is what we saw, prior to the invention of the bubble wrapping, that is choking productivity and competition, right out of our workplaces, while offering up our jobs to China, who is now beating the hell out of our new coddled wimp workforce, in every perspective imaginable. Over "protection" by fines and seizures of private property, or banishment from workplaces, is a step too far. This constitutes direct and unreasonable interference, in someone's inherent rights to earn a living, or to house and feed their families. People who have always sustained themselves, by the skills and experience earned of real work. Within a regime that understood them to be; intelligent and capable adults and self sufficient human beings. The essential training of hands on life experience, that can not be found in a government published workbook. Earned Competence and skills are now being described as careless and brainless activities, by robber barons, who can only stand in awe, with no understanding of the work, or human compassion for the increased difficulty and expense, being placed in the road of getting any job done efficiently, with any measure of profit allowed.

I see roofers being protected against falling off a roof, not by their own instinctive cautions and common sense, rather by a guard-wall, installed around the edge of a roof, that it seems is illegal to construct, without a risk of substantial fines or imprisonment. If someone is in peril of falling off a roof and needs that guardrail to protect them, they are neither qualified as a roofer from the outset, or should they have ever have been allowed to travel more than three feet off the ground. To live in a highrise, walk or ski along a mountain trial, or be allowed to tend pigeons, sunbathe or barbeque, on any rooftop or balcony.

Is there much wonder that this Province can no longer compete in the workplace? With a overbearing mothering attitude, endemic in our legislatures, that won't allow us to accomplish real work, without the necessary paperwork, daily repeated safety meetings, over emphasis of the sound bite chantings, promoting fear of the consequences of a days work. There is always that duty to fear, that always arrives with every teenaged schoolbook trained inspector. Who has the sole voice that resides over all forms of superior experience, in what constitutes "safe enough". Workers are protected by hardhats, work boots and safety vests in an open muddy field against the showering of meteors or bird droppings, with no other sane reason to wear them, beyond the absolutes of compliance with pseudo fear law. Championed by the threat of being caught by the "safety inspector" who dutifully reports anyone who is getting too much accomplished, "stealing jobs" according to labor union sloganeering, as someone who obviously needs another blockage placed in their road.

There is only one justification or reasoned excuse for this over exuberance, of micro managed safety inspections, and that was seen in the regime of Adolph Hitler. Who also protected his people over the top, and imposed a responsibility to be healthy, safe and fearful, or to be scorned and punished. As a conditioning of the working class, to instill a new norm of an oppressive regime. A norm of "knuckling under, if you know what is good for you" in fear of those in control. They call this the nanny state, this mother is an abusive self sanctimonious sociopath, a frothing at the mouth bigot and a hypocrite. Who like all overbearing mothers, instills authority, by promoting exaggerated and improbable fear into all of her scoldings. The empowerment of such an agency existing as a mercenary force, to impose on the working class what the government hasn't the courage to do to them directly. Which is an outrage akin to the Taliban watchers on every street corner. With one important exception, the Taliban consider thievery to be a crime. If the government has the power to bestow the authority of fines and imprisonment on an independent organization, outside of the people's control and deliberately separated from our protections under the proper courts of criminal law that assume innocence, that regime is a dictator and democracy is dead, by the coercive contracts of their entitlement.

I would advise my peers in the workplace, or what little private space is still within our control, for the time being. If you value personal autonomy rights and believe yourself a free agent and an adult with an ability empowered by intelligence, to protect yourself, without forced bureaucratic assistance. Of a government that does not accept or recognize the existence of that intelligence, that ultimately is the only legitimate perspective that entitles their power. Or the power of an "inspector" to successfully solicit a cash bribe, in lieu of the alternative consequences. Resist this fascism, that stands against your right to make a living, without their interference.

We need to stand up and chase these so called "safety" inspectors off our job-sites, by refusal to recognize their false authority, to resist with abusive language, no co-operation and all forms of mutual disrespect, without limits, until they learn to be human once again and abandon their own employment, as cattle herders, for those who describe us all as "human capitol" and industry slaves, while promoting the Chinese version of the UN globalist campaign.

Stand free and proud today and defend yourself, or get used to bending over in servitude tomorrow. The government is legally our servant not the other way around, in spite of what daddy Dalton and the opposition members standing in compliance, still dare to believe. If the largest corporations in this country can be trusted and enjoy the "conveniences" of self regulation, so too should we, have that same trust, among those whom we hire, to do our bidding.

If it is legitimate to accept, as those who rule outside of the people's control will declare; "there is no such thing as an accident", we have to believe also, that mandatory "accident insurance" paid to this same enterprise, is a fraud and a criminal activity. No more than a mob styled protection racket, empowered and introduced by an illegitimate government, who are now only trespassing in our government buildings, in need of arrest and imprisonment, as traitors, by the theft of our democratic rights and freedom, within the wide-brushed "presumption of guilt" and a large scale theft of the public purse, that demands full compensation for everything they squandered, as the proceeds of organized crime.

Is it any wonder in so few years, we went from a Province of plenty, to a subsidized have not Province, with an economy collapsing under the force of it's own bloated bureaucracy and its duty to apply; our ever pressing, always media dramatic and ever urgent, protection of the "children".

"Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies, The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. "

C.S. Lewis